8 Ways To Enhance Your Morning Routine

The way we start each day can have a profound effect on the rest of our day. Curating a morning routine that is simple yet impactful is a great habit to form and maintain. Our morning routine can greatly influence our daily mood, energy, and motivation. It is vital to be intentional about how our… Continue reading 8 Ways To Enhance Your Morning Routine

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The Obstacle is the Way

One of my friends recently shared, The Obstacle is the Way by Ryan Holiday with me. It was a powerful read. The book is full of principle-oriented reminders and anecdotes. They serve to teach us to embrace the lessons, opportunities for growth and change, acceptance, and many other maxims hidden in every obstacle we experience.… Continue reading The Obstacle is the Way

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20 Beach Day Essentials

Summer is coming to an end. This year, our summer vacation was spent visiting our family in Fort Lauderdale, Florida for a week. I booked a thrifty flight from Atlanta to Miami with Frontier Airlines. My two-year-old son flew for free, thanks to my Discount Den membership and being flexible with our travel dates. My… Continue reading 20 Beach Day Essentials

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Ten Safety Tips for Large Crowds

Mass social gatherings are enjoyable but they have become a target for disaster. We hear about so many senseless acts of violence that were committed during these celebratory gatherings. We cannot eradicate violence but we can mitigate the risks and dangers we and our loved ones encounter. Concerts, parades, festivals, and similar gatherings are fun… Continue reading Ten Safety Tips for Large Crowds

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The Nine Fruit of the Spirit

I love to reference various theologies to emphasize points on certain topics or principles. The Bible holds numerous golden nuggets on how we should aim to live a meaningful and impactful life. The nine Fruit of the Spirit are found in Galatians and highlight the areas we should focus on in order to maintain excellent… Continue reading The Nine Fruit of the Spirit


Mental Health and Minimalism

Taking care of our mental health correlates closely with minimalism. Decluttering our living spaces is just as important as decluttering our minds. When our mental health is in a good state, we are then able to perform well and have a great attitude. There are many forms of exercise to maintain and strengthen one's mental… Continue reading Mental Health and Minimalism

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Five Reasons Community is Important

If you are like me, you value having a community of loving, wise, honest, and supportive people. As we navigate through life, our sense of community may change and evolve. Career placements and other life events can influence how we define and redefine community. I have meaningful friendships that were formed throughout various stages of… Continue reading Five Reasons Community is Important


Set Healthy Boundaries

Minimalism can be applied in various areas of our lives. Most people associate minimalism with having fewer material things. Foundationally, minimalism is a frame of mind. Setting healthy boundaries is a form of minimalism. It allows us to be free from chains and compromising our overall well-being. In order to set healthy boundaries effectively, we… Continue reading Set Healthy Boundaries


How to Save on Family Outings

Family outings are fun and memorable but the associated expenses add up quickly. One way I save on our family outings is by purchasing annual memberships to local attractions. We have memberships to various attractions within metro Atlanta. The memberships' annual prices pay for themselves in two to three visits in most cases. Photo by… Continue reading How to Save on Family Outings


How to Save Money During Your Birth Month

Merchants love to reward their loyal customers. You can count on receiving special promotions and gifts on your birth month from retailers. January is my birth month and I usually enjoy a ton of freebies all month long. From complimentary desserts at local restaurants or even complimentary meals altogether to free gadgets and services. Some… Continue reading How to Save Money During Your Birth Month

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Comparison is the Thief of Joy | How to Lessen the Occurrences

It is common practice to measure ourselves against some of our peers, influencers, and leaders. It is unhealthy to constantly measure ourselves against other people. Theodore Roosevelt's proverb is powerful. Comparison is the thief of joy. It can be fruitless and we are left unhappy when we compare ourselves as a means to self-fulfillment. Comparison… Continue reading Comparison is the Thief of Joy | How to Lessen the Occurrences

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The 11 Pillars of Servant Leadership

Great leadership qualities include the ability to influence others, show empathy, communicate effectively, delegate tasks, scout talent, among many others. There are also various types of leaders. Understanding what type of leader you are will forecast the amount of success you can achieve in the leadership role. One leadership style that can coexist with and… Continue reading The 11 Pillars of Servant Leadership

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The Proverbs 31 Woman

The Proverbs 31 Woman is the epitome of a fulfilled woman, in my view. She’s virtuous and noble. She emits light and love. She is intelligent, resourceful, and skilled. She's complete. She's favored by God. Some women tear other women down. They are envious of other women’s academic accomplishments, relationships, physiques, traditions, among other things.… Continue reading The Proverbs 31 Woman

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Twelve Powerful Daily Affirmations

Citing affirmations is a powerful way to manifest abundance in every area of our lives. Affirmations are insightful, empowering, and fruitful among other things. I enjoy saying my affirmations in the morning and throughout the day. It serves as a way to boost myself and set a productive tone for the day. Affirmations can be… Continue reading Twelve Powerful Daily Affirmations

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How to Maximize Your Time

As we close in on year 2020, we can all agree that we feel we either have had a lot of or not enough time. Time is a non-renewable resource. Many of us have realized that we need to maximize our time. Worldwide lock downs and curfews, unemployment, among many other disruptions have given us… Continue reading How to Maximize Your Time

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Inspiration from The Four Agreements

The Four Agreements was written to serve as a practical guide for personal freedom. Author Don Miguel Ruiz shares the reasons why we are deprived of joy and unnecessary struggles and offers solutions to live by. Based on ancient Toltec wisdom, The Four Agreements is a transformative code of conduct that can bring us freedom,… Continue reading Inspiration from The Four Agreements


Five Ways to Delve into a New Hobby

It is safe to say that most of us have picked up a new hobby or two during this pandemic. My husband and I have dabbled into gardening. We have a fruit, herb, and vegetable garden in our backyard. We are also preparing to plant some perennials, a few annuals, and a pygmy palm tree… Continue reading Five Ways to Delve into a New Hobby


Highlights of a World Traveler

I have been fortunate to be able to travel to various parts of the world. Traveling awakens many dormant areas in our imagination. It is liberating. It aids in self discovery. It is necessary. To date, I have uncovered 11 countries. Some of them, multiple times. I have been to Cuba, Jamaica, Haiti, Africa, The… Continue reading Highlights of a World Traveler

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Agape Love: The Greatest Type of Love

Have you ever wondered how it feels to love like God? I sure have. I think the closest I can come to experiencing that type of love is the love I have for my baby. One positive thing this pandemic has done is given us more time. We have more time to think. Time to… Continue reading Agape Love: The Greatest Type of Love

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Intellectual Quotient Versus Emotional Quotient

There is constant debate over whether intellectual quotient (IQ) is more important than emotional quotient (EQ). They serve different purposes. They can be seen as skills you either have or you don't. In truth, both categories of intelligence can be nurtured. Someone's intellectual quotient measures their ability to perform well on standardized tests according to… Continue reading Intellectual Quotient Versus Emotional Quotient


Benefits of Taking a Gap Year in a Pandemic

Many recent high school graduates find themselves at a crossroad while deciding on their future academic journey. A gap year, also known as a sabbatical year, is one that is taken before or after college/university where students explore numerous developmental activities. Commonly, students travel nationally and/or internationally to heighten their intercultural knowledge. They learn several… Continue reading Benefits of Taking a Gap Year in a Pandemic


Conversations with a Front Line Nurse

My dear friend makes a sacrificial decision to care for the ill each shift. Her grit, compassion, and passion for her vocation inspires me and others for sure. Not to mention, she beat breast cancer like a soldier. Kedly Desliens is a travel Intensive Care nurse currently contracted in San Jose, CA. I decided it… Continue reading Conversations with a Front Line Nurse


The Seven Key Areas of Home Economics

When most people recollect home economics class, they remember building a birdhouse or parenting a lifelike baby that cried and wet their diaper. Although home economics is no longer a widely offered course, it is an important field of study. Mainstream public school curriculum, especially in the western hemisphere, lack the inclusion of pertinent life… Continue reading The Seven Key Areas of Home Economics


Setting Goals During a Pandemic

It can be difficult to imagine that we can set goals during these tough times but it is possible. Our world is changing. Drastically. With all of the novel political and professional changes, restrictions, new routines, and procedures, we have to forecast that some of those changes will be permanent. Even after things restore, whenever… Continue reading Setting Goals During a Pandemic

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Ways to Cope with the COVID-19 Pandemic

Experiencing a pandemic as life-threatening as the coronavirus can give anyone severe anxiety. So much is unknown. How much longer will we have to deal with this? How many more deaths will there be? What will result from long periods of isolation/social distancing? Anxiety in these times is completely normal. There are many manners we… Continue reading Ways to Cope with the COVID-19 Pandemic

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Traits of an Alpha Male/Female

There are a few myths behind defining people with alpha personalities. One serious myth about having an alpha personality is that the person has to be outlandish. People with alpha personalities typically are congenial and down to earth. After all, they do not have to try to be alphas. They are simply made that way.… Continue reading Traits of an Alpha Male/Female


How to be More Organized

When it comes to organization, there is a saying that goes: Organizing is what you do before you do something, so that when you do it, it is not all mixed up. -A.A. Milne Personally, I am at my best when things and my life, in general, are organized. It helps me concentrate, plan and… Continue reading How to be More Organized


Minimalism in Silicon Valley

The Bay Area in California became our home post my husband receiving an employment offer from a reputable company. What a career-defining opportunity! In preparation for the move, I did some intensive research and browsed Pinterest to learn more about what I should expect from living in the most expensive area in the nation. I… Continue reading Minimalism in Silicon Valley


The Sad Truth About Maternity Leave in America

For a nation as powerful as the United States, it is absurd that there is no federal law that guarantees paid maternity leave. The United States leaves the option to offer parental leave in the hands of employers. The Family Medical Leave Act provides some assistance but it is a rather ungenerous law. The FMLA… Continue reading The Sad Truth About Maternity Leave in America

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Five Ways to Tap into Your Toolbox

I often wonder how interesting it is to see animals breed, co-exist, and die as they were created to experience. It is also inspiring to see how, from their genetic makeup, they are completely equipped to survive in their natural habitat and withstand certain weather conditions. It is intriguing how even their coat protects them… Continue reading Five Ways to Tap into Your Toolbox


Highlights of My Academic Journey

I completed my undergraduate studies online at Ashford University. I thank God for guiding me through that rewarding journey. I majored in English and also majored in Political Science and Government. The most memorable aspect of my asynchronous learning experience was being able to make the world my classroom. During those four years, I completed… Continue reading Highlights of My Academic Journey


The Art of Feng Shui and Minimalism

Feng shui, a minimalistic decorating technique, is a Chinese geomancy. Essentially, it exercises architecture as it relates to harmonious ties between humanity, the earth, and the firmament. Feng shui is also known as qi, pronounced chi. Implementing Feng shui in any space involves being intentional of item placement, their symbolism, and associated color patterns. Feng means… Continue reading The Art of Feng Shui and Minimalism


Ten Benefits of Shopping at a Farmer’s Market

Indulging in products from various parts of the globe is what I enjoy most about shopping at the farmer's market. My go-to items include plantains, whole pineapples, fresh buffalo wings, whole red snapper, and mangoes. In metro-Atlanta, the Dekalb Farmer's Market doubles as a tourist attraction and one of the largest indoor farmer's markets in Georgia.… Continue reading Ten Benefits of Shopping at a Farmer’s Market


How to Handle Receiving Unsolicited Advice

Friends and family may think they have your best interest at heart when they share their opinions but at times, they may not and can give dogmatic, unsolicited advice. It is wise to make decisions based on your own research, values, and belief system than to simply follow someone else's advice. After all, you are… Continue reading How to Handle Receiving Unsolicited Advice


Tandem Skydiving in Chattanooga, TN

What's a better way to conquer one's fear of heights than to go tandem skydiving? I made that commitment a few summers ago and it was an exhilarating feat! I purchased a Groupon for a tandem skydiving experience at the Chattanooga Skydiving Company in Chattanooga, Tennessee. The deal even included a video. Tandem skydiving is done with… Continue reading Tandem Skydiving in Chattanooga, TN


Credit Repair 101

Having great credit can be synonymous with having power. It is essential to maintain good credit to seize lucrative opportunities that may not be available otherwise. If your credit is poor, it is never too late to begin the journey to credit repair. Several years ago, my credit was below standard. It was primarily due… Continue reading Credit Repair 101


Movie Critique: The Notebook

Here, I critique one of my favorite movies, The Notebook. The film The Notebook was directed by Nick Cassavetes in 2004. It is based on a novel with the same title by Nicholas Sparks. The Notebook is a romantic drama film. It is about the love story of a couple who come from polarized backgrounds. Movies… Continue reading Movie Critique: The Notebook

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Quotes that Galvanize my Spirit

Inspiration comes from many sources. Music. Film. People. Religion. Spirituality. Travel. Food. Inspiration leads to inventions, self-development, creation, and even meditation. My favorite quotes, poem excerpts, and biblical scriptures inspire me to live my best life while vibrating at the highest frequency. They also put things in perspective and serve as a reference mechanism for… Continue reading Quotes that Galvanize my Spirit

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Healed: Daughter of a Narcissistic Mother

What Is Narcissism? A narcissist is someone who is deeply self-absorbed. Think of Narcissus in Greek mythology. When a mother is narcissistic, she is unable to nurture her child(ren). She is incapable of being empathetic, show compassion, care, and love. She has unreasonable expectations of receiving special treatment. She automatically expects requests she makes to… Continue reading Healed: Daughter of a Narcissistic Mother