My Pet Peeves

So much can be said about our likes and dislikes. We all have pet peeves. Pet peeves are annoyances, specific to an individual, that causes vexation. Sharing one's pet peeves can either be beneficial or vulnerably draining. Some people may seek to know what bothers you just to use those nuisances against you. Either way,… Continue reading My Pet Peeves


Five Ways to Delve into a New Hobby

It is safe to say that most of us have picked up a new hobby or two during this pandemic. My husband and I have dabbled into gardening. We have a fruit, herb, and vegetable garden in our backyard. We are also preparing to plant some perennials, a few annuals, and a pygmy palm tree… Continue reading Five Ways to Delve into a New Hobby

Mind. Body. Spirit, Minimalism

Agape Love: The Greatest Type of Love

Have you ever wondered how it feels to love like God? I sure have. I think the closest I can come to experiencing that type of love is the love I have for my baby. One positive thing this pandemic has done is given us more time. We have more time to think. Time to… Continue reading Agape Love: The Greatest Type of Love


Benefits of Taking a Gap Year in a Pandemic

Many recent high school graduates find themselves at a crossroad while deciding on their future academic journey. A gap year, also known as a sabbatical year, is one that is taken before or after college/university where students explore numerous developmental activities. Commonly, students travel nationally and/or internationally to heighten their intercultural knowledge. They learn several… Continue reading Benefits of Taking a Gap Year in a Pandemic


The Seven Key Areas of Home Economics

When most people recollect home economics class, they remember building a birdhouse or parenting a lifelike baby that cried and wet their diaper. Although home economics is no longer a widely offered course, it is an important field of study. Mainstream public school curriculum, especially in the western hemisphere, lack the inclusion of pertinent life… Continue reading The Seven Key Areas of Home Economics


Setting Goals During a Pandemic

It can be difficult to imagine that we can set goals during these tough times but it is possible. Our world is changing. Drastically. With all of the novel political and professional changes, restrictions, new routines, and procedures, we have to forecast that some of those changes will be permanent. Even after things restore, whenever… Continue reading Setting Goals During a Pandemic