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How to Maximize Your Time

As we close in on year 2020, we can all agree that we feel we either have had a lot of or not enough time. Time is a non-renewable resource. Many of us have realized that we need to maximize our time. Worldwide lock downs and curfews, unemployment, among many other disruptions have given us… Continue reading How to Maximize Your Time


Conversations with a Front Line Nurse

My dear friend makes a sacrificial decision to care for the ill each shift. Her grit, compassion, and passion for her vocation inspires me and others for sure. Not to mention, she beat breast cancer like a soldier. Kedly Desliens is a travel Intensive Care nurse currently contracted in San Jose, CA. I decided it… Continue reading Conversations with a Front Line Nurse


Tandem Skydiving in Chattanooga, TN

What's a better way to conquer one's fear of heights than to go tandem skydiving? I made that commitment a few summers ago and it was an exhilarating feat! Juston and I purchased a Groupon for a two-person tandem skydiving experience at the¬†Chattanooga Skydiving Company¬†in Chattanooga, Tennessee. The deal even included a video. Tandem skydiving… Continue reading Tandem Skydiving in Chattanooga, TN