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Five Reasons Community is Important

If you are like me, you value having a community of loving, wise, honest, and supportive people. As we navigate through life, our sense of community may change and evolve. Career placements and other life events can influence how we define and redefine community. I have meaningful friendships that were formed throughout various stages of… Continue reading Five Reasons Community is Important


Set Healthy Boundaries

Minimalism can be applied in various areas of our lives. Most people associate minimalism with having fewer material things. Foundationally, minimalism is a frame of mind. Setting healthy boundaries is a form of minimalism. It allows us to be free from chains and compromising our overall well-being. In order to set healthy boundaries effectively, we… Continue reading Set Healthy Boundaries


How to Save on Family Outings

Family outings are fun and memorable but the associated expenses add up quickly. One way I save on our family outings is by purchasing annual memberships to local attractions. We have memberships to various attractions within metro Atlanta. The memberships' annual prices pay for themselves in two to three visits in most cases. Photo by… Continue reading How to Save on Family Outings


How to Save Money During Your Birth Month

Merchants love to reward their loyal customers. You can count on receiving special promotions and gifts on your birth month from retailers. January is my birth month and I usually enjoy a ton of freebies all month long. From complimentary desserts at local restaurants or even complimentary meals altogether to free gadgets and services. Some… Continue reading How to Save Money During Your Birth Month