The Reason for the Season

The holiday season brings symbolism of cheer and fellowship. For some, it is a tough time filled with sorrow, loneliness, and grief. My hope is that we give each other more compassion, grace, and love. Love is the reason for the season. May God's agape love warm your and your loved ones' hearts this season… Continue reading The Reason for the Season


Fall into Minimalism

I love the fall season! Georgia is absolutely stunning in the fall. Seeing the leaves change into their green, brown, and orange hues is breathtaking. Autumn starts the holiday season of the last quarter. Many of us enter robotic mode while planning dinner parties, annual family gatherings, and the like. The pandemic has slowed us… Continue reading Fall into Minimalism


10 Ways to Polish Your Nighttime Routine

It is great to have a nighttime routine. It can influence your sleep quality. Some people have routines that differ on weekdays than on weekends. Whatever works well for you is meaningful. The pandemic has awarded us more time for sleep and other activities. 10 Ways to Polish Your Nighttime Routine Pray/MeditateDrink some teaTry aromatherapyPlay… Continue reading 10 Ways to Polish Your Nighttime Routine

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25 Ways to Spend Alone Time

Recharging regularly is a good way to maintain our sanity and peace. Spending time alone is fruitful in various ways. It can help us feel centered and it also challenges fear in numerous levels. Here are some helpful ways to spend alone time in order to refuel. Photo by Thought Catalog on Draw/colorTake a… Continue reading 25 Ways to Spend Alone Time