Conversations with a Front Line Nurse

My dear friend makes a sacrificial decision to care for the ill each shift. Her grit, compassion, and passion for her vocation inspires me and others for sure. Not to mention, she beat breast cancer like a soldier. Kedly Desliens is a travel Intensive Care nurse currently contracted in San Jose, CA. I decided it… Continue reading Conversations with a Front Line Nurse


The Seven Key Areas of Home Economics

When most people recollect home economics class, they remember building a birdhouse or parenting a lifelike baby that cried and wet their diaper. Although home economics is no longer a widely offered course, it is an important field of study. Mainstream public school curriculum, especially in the western hemisphere, lack the inclusion of pertinent life… Continue reading The Seven Key Areas of Home Economics


Setting Goals During a Pandemic

It can be difficult to imagine that we can set goals during these tough times but it is possible. Our world is changing. Drastically. With all of the novel political and professional changes, restrictions, new routines, and procedures, we have to forecast that some of those changes will be permanent. Even after things restore, whenever… Continue reading Setting Goals During a Pandemic

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Ways to Cope with the COVID-19 Epidemic

Experiencing an epidemic as life-threatening as the coronavirus can give anyone severe anxiety. So much is unknown. How much longer will we have to deal with this? How many more deaths will there be? What will result from long periods of isolation/social distancing? Anxiety in these times is completely normal. There are many manners we… Continue reading Ways to Cope with the COVID-19 Epidemic

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Traits of an Alpha Male/Female

There are a few myths behind defining people with alpha personalities. One serious myth about having an alpha personality is that the person has to be outlandish. People with alpha personalities typically are congenial and down to earth. After all, they do not have to try to be alphas. They are simply made that way.… Continue reading Traits of an Alpha Male/Female


Minimalism in Silicon Valley

The Bay Area in California became our home post my husband receiving an employment offer from a reputable company. What a career-defining opportunity! In preparation for the move, I did some intensive research and browsed Pinterest to learn more about what I should expect from living in the most expensive area in the nation. I… Continue reading Minimalism in Silicon Valley


The Sad Truth About Maternity Leave in America

For a nation as powerful as the United States, it is absurd that there is no federal law that guarantees paid maternity leave. The United States leaves the option to offer parental leave in the hands of employers. The Family Medical Leave Act provides some assistance but it is a rather ungenerous law. The FMLA… Continue reading The Sad Truth About Maternity Leave in America

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Five Ways to Tap into Your Toolbox

I often wonder how interesting it is to see animals breed, co-exist, and die as they were created to experience. It is also inspiring to see how, from their genetic makeup, they are completely equipped to survive in their natural habitat and withstand certain weather conditions. It is intriguing how even their coat protects them… Continue reading Five Ways to Tap into Your Toolbox