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Five Ways to Tap into Your Toolbox

I often wonder how interesting it is to see animals breed, co-exist, and die as they were created to experience. It is also inspiring to see how, from their genetic makeup, they are completely equipped to survive in their natural habitat and withstand certain weather conditions. It is intriguing how even their coat protects them… Continue reading Five Ways to Tap into Your Toolbox

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The Power of Motivational Messages

Motivational messages enlighten, teach, and help one create new affirmations. I enjoy listening to motivational messages. I create various playlists on Youtube and I download podcasts of inspirational thoughts. I consider myself to be pretty self-motivated but I welcome and can always use a pick me up. We all can. Photo by Ylanite Koppens on… Continue reading The Power of Motivational Messages

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Letter of Advice

Dear Couples, My advice to you for a healthy relationship is to practice communicating effectively, to self-disclose often, develop strategies for listening to each other, place God in the center of your relationship, manage interpersonal conflicts, among other things in order to maintain a great understanding of each other. Effective interpersonal interaction is a rewarding… Continue reading Letter of Advice

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Multiple Intelligences

Intelligence is defined as the capacity for learning, reasoning, understanding, and like forms of mental activity. Howard Gardner’s theory on intelligence focuses on the multiple separate sources within the human brain to support learning. He believes that learning is rooted in biological sources and cultural sources. The significance of Gardner’s multiple intelligences is that it… Continue reading Multiple Intelligences

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Quotes that Galvanize my Spirit

Inspiration comes from many sources. Music. Film. People. Religion. Spirituality. Travel. Food. Inspiration leads to inventions, self-development, creation, and even meditation. My favorite quotes, poem excerpts, and biblical scriptures inspire me to live my best life while vibrating at the highest frequency. They also put things in perspective and serve as a reference mechanism for… Continue reading Quotes that Galvanize my Spirit

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Healed: Daughter of a Narcissistic Mother

What Is Narcissism? A narcissist is someone who is deeply self-absorbed. Think of Narcissus in Greek mythology. When a mother is narcissistic, she is unable to nurture her child(ren). She is incapable of being empathetic, show compassion, care, and love. She has unreasonable expectations of receiving special treatment. She automatically expects requests she makes to… Continue reading Healed: Daughter of a Narcissistic Mother