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20 Beach Day Essentials

Summer is coming to an end. This year, our summer vacation was spent visiting our family in Fort Lauderdale, Florida for a week. I booked a thrifty flight from Atlanta to Miami with Frontier Airlines. My two-year-old son flew for free, thanks to my Discount Den membership and being flexible with our travel dates. My… Continue reading 20 Beach Day Essentials

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Motherhood is Alluring

When asked how I view motherhood, I often reply that I feel it is the closest analogy to understanding how much God loves me. Our beautiful toddler son, Judah, is an incredible child. He is jovial, smart, and independent. Motherhood has given me a great deal of joy, education, and lifelong memories thus far. A… Continue reading Motherhood is Alluring


Credit Repair 101

Having great credit can be synonymous with having power. It is essential to maintain good credit to seize lucrative opportunities that may not be available otherwise. If your credit is poor, it is never too late to begin the journey to credit repair. Several years ago, my credit was below standard. It was primarily due… Continue reading Credit Repair 101

Mind. Body. Spirit.

Letter of Advice

Dear Couples, My advice to you for a healthy relationship is to practice communicating effectively, to self-disclose often, develop strategies for listening to each other, place God in the center of your relationship, manage interpersonal conflicts, among other things in order to maintain a great understanding of each other. Effective interpersonal interaction is a rewarding… Continue reading Letter of Advice