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The Obstacle is the Way

One of my friends recently shared, The Obstacle is the Way by Ryan Holiday with me. It was a powerful read. The book is full of principle-oriented reminders and anecdotes. They serve to teach us to embrace the lessons, opportunities for growth and change, acceptance, and many other maxims hidden in every obstacle we experience.… Continue reading The Obstacle is the Way

Mind. Body. Spirit.

Traits of an Alpha Male/Female

There are a few myths behind defining people with alpha personalities. One serious myth about having an alpha personality is that the person has to be outlandish. People with alpha personalities typically are congenial and down to earth. After all, they do not have to try to be alphas. They are simply made that way.… Continue reading Traits of an Alpha Male/Female


The Art of Esteem

I have been privileged to work alongside my infectious friend, Ankhet Amber Williams, Founder of The Art of Esteem. Her non-profit organization was created to bridge a gap between the standardized western school curriculum and essential life skill development. The Art of Esteem educates students on building their self-esteem, self-worth, and overall emotional IQ through… Continue reading The Art of Esteem