Meet Love Bryant

Welcome to The Minimalistic Channel!

I am a minimalist and travel enthusiast! I was born in tropical, Saint-Marc, Haiti. I grew up in south Florida. I studied abroad in Paris, France from the age of 15 to 18. It was a developmental life experience. In addition to learning French fluently, I developed my intercultural competence to a great degree. For over a decade, I have been an Atlanta, Georgia resident. Atlanta is a mecca for young professionals and the quality of life is peachy!

I earned a Bachelor’s degree in English and a second Bachelor’s degree in Political Science and Government in 2017 from Ashford University. I earned a master’s degree in Business Administration (MBA) from my alma mater in September 2019. Meeting my academic goals has been empowering. Academia aids me to think critically and strategically.

I am gleefully married to Juston! I am thrilled to have a life partner whose joy for life matches mine! A few ingredients to a thriving union include God, assertive communication, and strong emotional intelligence. Marriage is a beautiful work of art!

I am a mommy! Our son brings so much light into our world!

My spiritual gifts are faith, discernment, and administration! They aid me in maximizing my personal, professional, and spiritual aspirations! Strengthening my intrapersonal skills has played a vital role in my minimalistic journey.

May you be enlightened by The Minimalistic Channel! We are in this together! Enjoy!

In front of my Airbnb in Havana, Cuba 01/2017


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