8 Ways To Enhance Your Morning Routine

The way we start each day can have a profound effect on the rest of our day. Curating a morning routine that is simple yet impactful is a great habit to form and maintain. Our morning routine can greatly influence our daily mood, energy, and motivation. It is vital to be intentional about how our day commences. We should also aim to be mindful of our attitude throughout each day.

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8 Ways To Enhance Your Morning Routine

  1. Set an alarm and give room for delays
  2. Make your bed and tidy up lightly
  3. Have a morning devotional period
  4. Meditate/Stretch/Do yoga/Exercise
  5. Shower, groom well, and dress for success
  6. Eat a balanced breakfast and have a glass of water
  7. Plan your full day and leave room for spontaneity
  8. Be open to allowing God’s will to enhance your day
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What are some rituals of your morning routine?

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