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Ten Safety Tips for Large Crowds

Mass social gatherings are enjoyable but they have become a target for disaster. We hear about so many senseless acts of violence that were committed during these celebratory gatherings. We cannot eradicate violence but we can mitigate the risks and dangers we and our loved ones encounter.

Concerts, parades, festivals, and similar gatherings are fun and memorable. We can continue to partake in these events and also be cautious. Practicing safety measures while in large crowds greatly reduces the chances of injury and crime.

Photo by Yan Krukov on Pexels.com

Ten Safety Tips for Large Crowds

  1. Wear comfortable shoes
  2. Be aware of your surrounding at all times
  3. Carry pepper spray for defense, if possible
  4. Trust and follow your gut for signs of danger
  5. Have a companion or group and stay together
  6. Notify law enforcement of danger or peculiar activities
  7. Never leave your drink, even if non-alcoholic, unattended
  8. Carry a fanny pack or crossbody wallet to deter a pickpocketer
  9. Have a fully-charged phone or another communication device for immediate use
  10. Share your location with a trusted friend or family member that is not in attendance
Photo by Ron Lach on Pexels.com

What are some additional safety measures you can take while in large crowds?

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