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Five Reasons Community is Important

If you are like me, you value having a community of loving, wise, honest, and supportive people. As we navigate through life, our sense of community may change and evolve. Career placements and other life events can influence how we define and redefine community.

I have meaningful friendships that were formed throughout various stages of life. They are nurtured and maintained by intentional catch-ups via phone, hanging out, social media engagements, and traveling. Living in a different state than my most cherished family members encouraged me to create a close-knit community in metro Atlanta.

My social circles are filled with phenomenal men and women from diverse backgrounds. I love my chosen church family members. A few old co-workers have earned their place in my friendship circle and me in theirs. I’ve maintained and developed nurturing friendships throughout the years. People pour into my life in so many beautiful ways. I aim to do the same by gracefully pouring into their lives.

Photo by Radomir Jordanovic on Pexels.com

Community is important because, as social creatures, we all desire a sense of belonging. Although community through a nuclear family may come naturally and fluid for some, others may not be close to or even know their parents, siblings, and other family members. We do all share the yearning to belong to uplifting social groups. It is vital to create and devote ourselves to a lovely community, big or small. As with any relationship, trust, love, comfort, grace, forgiveness, and dependability develop and strengthen over time.

Photo by Belle Co on Pexels.com

Five Reasons Community is Important

  1. To gather, fellowship, and belong
  2. For love, support, and encouragement
  3. To lean on for empathy, help, and resources
  4. To celebrate holidays, birthdays, milestones, and other accomplishments
  5. Members of a community can serve as accountability partners for various things

How do you define community? Has your outlook changed throughout the years?

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