Set Healthy Boundaries

Minimalism can be applied in various areas of our lives. Most people associate minimalism with having fewer material things. Foundationally, minimalism is a frame of mind. Setting healthy boundaries is a form of minimalism. It allows us to be free from chains and compromising our overall well-being.

In order to set healthy boundaries effectively, we have to first be able to identify what our boundaries are. Understanding our likes, dislikes, standards, non-negotiables, goals, among other things are necessary in order for us to discern when those lines are being crossed. We can also partly rely on our emotions to guide us in assessing patterns of discomfort.

I find the most powerful way to set healthy boundaries is to be assertive. Doing so yields favorable results. It is necessary to communicate our needs, standards, and grievances to friends, family, and applicable professional associates. There will either be a compromise, even if it happens over time, or the relationship will dissolve. Both results reveal the potential of the dynamic.

How do you set healthy boundaries?

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4 thoughts on “Set Healthy Boundaries”

  1. Great article! I set healthy boundaries by having a priorities list and to do list. To distinguish what I HAVE to give my time to and what is optional. Makes decision making very easy and takes off the pressure on the moment.


  2. ” Be able to identify what our boundaries are.” I think the identification phase is the most challenging step. Most of the time, we are in denial when it comes to setting boundaries.


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