How to Save Money During Your Birth Month

Merchants love to reward their loyal customers. You can count on receiving special promotions and gifts on your birth month from retailers. January is my birth month and I usually enjoy a ton of freebies all month long. From complimentary desserts at local restaurants or even complimentary meals altogether to free gadgets and services.

Some tourist attractions offer free admission to state residents on the day of their birthdays. Check your local attractions to see which ones offer that deal, if any. Consider gaining memberships to places like your favorite coffee shops, bakeries, shoe stores, electronic stores, grocers, movie theatres, restaurants, and other spots you frequent.

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Five Ways to Save Money During Your Birth Month

  1. Download your favorite retailers’/grocers’ apps or sign up online
  2. Sign up/Register to your favorite retailers’ apps and include your DOB
  3. Scan your rewards cards/apps at each visit to accrue points and rewards
  4. Redeem earned rewards regularly so the company’s database remembers you
  5. Redeem all of your birthday rewards all month long before they expire! Enjoy!

One of the freebies I enjoyed this birthday was a complimentary three-course meal from an authentic Italian restaurant in Atlanta. I love the intimate atmosphere of the restaurant so it always makes my dining experience extra special.

What are some of your birthday traditions? Do you plan to change any of them?

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