Highlights of Cancun, Mexico

My son experienced his first international trip this summer! We visited Cancun, Mexico for five days. Traveling during the pandemic and especially with a toddler was interesting.

It was comforting to see how clean and sanitary the hotels, restaurants, and other public places were in Mexico. There were sanitizing stations everywhere. Our hotel had a walk-through, light spraying sanitizing machine. Our luggage were sprayed down upon entry. Masks were available per request.

Our resort accommodation was all-inclusive. Just taxes and nominal hotels fees were due at the end of our trip. We enjoyed the ongoing friendly service and fresh fruit drinks. I got to practice my Spanish and was surprised at how well my conversations were flowing.

One of our excursions was a boat ride with a pirate show and dinner. It was interactive and lively. I enjoyed the sword fight scenes. It was a musical performance. It was also family-friendly and the fresh air was calming.

We took several pictures by the famous Cancun sign. I observed quite a few Cancun signs all around the city, actually. That was also interesting. We had a fun and memorable vacation overall.

Have you resumed or plan on traveling at all? If so, where are you going and why?

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