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The 11 Pillars of Servant Leadership

Great leadership qualities include the ability to influence others, show empathy, communicate effectively, delegate tasks, scout talent, among many others. There are also various types of leaders. Understanding what type of leader you are will forecast the amount of success you can achieve in the leadership role. One leadership style that can coexist with and even enhance the others is servant leadership.

Those who follow the servant leadership model aim to be wholesome individuals in order to elevate the people who follow them. It is difficult to pour from an empty cup. Servant leaders typically do not focus on their own status or power. Developing and mentoring other people is their primary goal.

diverse people listening to speaker in modern studio
Photo by Matheus Bertelli on Pexels.com

The 11 Pillars of Servant Leadership

1. Calling – Something ethereal usually compels servant leaders to take action.

2. Listening – Listening to understand is the best way to help others.

3. Empathy – Being able to see things in someone else’s perspective is virtuous.

4. Healing – Solace and redemption is available to all who wish to change their story’s narrative.

5. Awareness – Observing an environment to ensure it is suitable to thrive in is essential.

6. Persuasion – Influencing/mentoring others to become the best version of themselves is key.

7. Foresight – Discerning which course(s) to take as a team to attain the best results is crucial.

8. Conceptualization – It is vital to share the vision and strategize how to meet the outcome.

9. Stewardship –The accountability and commitment to lead stretches globally.

10. Growth – Developing and growing people is one of the main objectives.

11. Community – The organizational culture is one that welcomes everyone and everyone matters.


How did you score compared to the type of leader you thought you’d be?

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