My Pet Peeves

So much can be said about our likes and dislikes. We all have pet peeves. Pet peeves are annoyances, specific to an individual, that causes vexation. Sharing one’s pet peeves can either be beneficial or vulnerably draining. Some people may seek to know what bothers you just to use those nuisances against you. Either way, here are some of my pet peeves.


  1. People with poor diction/grammar. Dyslexia and illiteracy are serious conditions that people struggle with. The problem with that is that many people ignore that they have difficulty reading, writing, spelling, and speaking and do nothing to improve it. As we foreigners say, “If you only speak one language, you need to master it.”
  2. Things that trigger my misophonia. Hearing obnoxious gulps when someone drinks drives me crazy. Most bodily noises do, actually. Things like loud breathing, gum smacking, and knuckle cracking all make me cringe.
  3. When people jump to conclusions. We are all capable of reasoning soundly. When someone jumps to conclusions or is strong and wrong, especially with skepticism, it bothers my soul. I am intuitive but even I rely on critical thinking skills I learned in academia and in life to develop good judgement and strengthen my decision-making skills.
  4. The use/overuse of the word “literally.” The majority of the time “literally” is used in a sentence, it is literally being used incorrectly. “I literally died after he told that joke!” Or redundantly: “The dog is literally peeing on my new carpet!” Sigh.
  5. Passive aggressive behavior. I love clear, assertive and solution-oriented conversations and actions. If someone has something they need to say, I would prefer that they just say it. No need to be petty, annoying, beat around the bush, or walk on eggshells. Authenticity is key.

When my pet peeves are exercised, I typically objectively request that the person be mindful of their wrongdoing. Then I hope for a healthy compromise and to move forward in love and peace.

What are some of your pet peeves? Do you tend to share them when applicable?

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