Five Ways to Delve into a New Hobby

It is safe to say that most of us have picked up a new hobby or two during this pandemic. My husband and I have dabbled into gardening. We have a fruit, herb, and vegetable garden in our backyard. We are also preparing to plant some perennials, a few annuals, and a pygmy palm tree in our front yard.

Gardening is therapeutic and educational. As someone who recently was a complete novice to gardening, my extensive research and patience turned my thumb nice and green. I am so grateful. In my opinion, two of the most difficult aspects in gardening are understanding the cohesiveness of various plants and the amount of sunlight they each require. It has become digestible now.

We are already enjoying some peppermint leaves from our garden. I like to add them in my drinking water. Our cherry tomatoes, red bell peppers, broccoli, blueberries, and potatoes are still growing. Next year, we plan to include some fruit trees in our garden. We are leaning towards planting an apple tree, a peach tree, and maybe a few citrus trees.

We purchased a small greenhouse from Amazon to protect the plants from pests and the upcoming cold weather. I am excited to see how well they will do as the weather cools down. It is fun to watch everything go through their cycle.

Five Ways to Delve into a New Hobby

  1. Relax. Starting any new hobby should be fun and stress-free.
  2. Research and plan ahead but enjoy the process.
  3. Take before, during, and after pics, if applicable.
  4. Gather/purchase good-quality materials and tools.
  5. Remember that trial and error are great teachers.
Our cherry tomatoes

Have you gotten into any new or old hobbies? If so, what kind?

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