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Intellectual Quotient Versus Emotional Quotient

There is constant debate over whether intellectual quotient (IQ) is more important than emotional quotient (EQ). They serve different purposes. They can be seen as skills you either have or you don’t. In truth, both categories of intelligence can be nurtured.

Someone’s intellectual quotient measures their ability to perform well on standardized tests according to their age and other metrics. Areas such as knowledge of the world, quantitative reasoning, and other cognitive abilities are assessed. Someone who has a high IQ has great visuo-spatial ability. Book smarts alone will not result in a fulfilled life.

Emotional quotient or emotional intelligence is the ability to effectively identify one’s and others’ feelings. It also surrounds being keen on how one’s actions, words, and decisions affect others. Emotional intelligence commonly surrounds discernment, interpersonal and intrapersonal skills. Someone who is emotionally intelligent is able to identify and resolve conflict well.

Intellectual quotient and emotional intelligence both aid in personal and professional development. They both play strong roles in influencing success in all areas of life. These include happiness, health, wealth, and the like. It is more lucrative to focus on improving skills in various areas than to focus on few areas to dominant. We should all strengthen both our intellectual quotient and emotional quotient to get the very best out of life.

Test your intellectual quotient (IQ)!

Test your emotional quotient (EQ)!

What do you think of your results?

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