Seven Things To Do Before Settling Down

It is important that we become strong and whole individuals for various reasons. It is also paramount that we have a healthy grip on our sense of self-concept before we settle down with a mate. Doing so aids us in putting our best foot forward.

Seven Things To Do Before Settling Down


Traveling is one expense that makes one richer. Richer in awareness. Richer in cultural competency. Richer in a healthy mindset. Learning how other people live within various cultures will have a significant weight on shaping our virtues. Learning a few languages is certainly a plus.

Strengthen Your Relationship With God

Ultimately, our identity lies in the hands of our Creator. Knowing the source of all things aids us in times of trouble, success, and our day to day. You can strengthen your relationship with God by developing spiritual relationships with other believers. Find a house of worship that resonates with you. Spend time reading and researching on your religion of choice. Share the good news with others.

Learn to Cook. Well.

Anyone can pop a TV dinner in the microwave according to the instructions. Being a skilled cook speaks to the psyche differently. The aromas, flavors, textures, and chemistry of good cooking translates love and happiness. One all-around tip is to clean animal protein, especially seafood, with lemon, lime, or vinegar to remove the gamey smell and taste. This also allows your seasonings to penetrate in your food better. I am sure your partner will appreciate your effort no matter what your cooking proficiency is. Check out Pinterest and Guyanese Girl Haitian Soul for novel recipes!

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Meet Your Academic Goals

Do you aspire to complete that bachelor’s degree you started but life got in the way? Go for it! Is graduate school on the horizon? Leap towards that. Wanna add “Dr.” before your name? Immerse yourself into getting that Ph.D.! Truth is, it can be extremely difficult to work on and attain your academic goals when you are bogged down with family life. It’s possible but it’s hard. Achieve those goals now while your distractions are few.

Meet Your Professional Goals

If it is your childhood dream to obtain a supervisory or even C-level position at a firm, aim to do so as soon as the opportunity presents itself. Network with the right people. Perform with excellence. Seek sponsorships and mentorships. Soar. Many people gain a great sense of accomplishment and purpose when they are working in their chosen profession. Even if you decide your laborious period is during your single life and decide to stay home after you have your children, that is a great aspiration as well.

Meet Your Financial Goals

Do you have life insurance? If not, the time is now to secure a policy. Got an emergency fund? If not, it would be wise to plan to. A mate with good credit, a healthy financial portfolio, and a nice amount of available liquid is very attractive. Being financially literate before settling down will aid you in making sound financial decisions. Discussions over large purchases such as a home, a family car, and annual vacations will be less hassling when you have a good grip on managing your finances before a long-term partnership.

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Know Your Love, Apology and Angry Language

Gary Chapman has changed the world by educating us on the existence of these personality traits. Learn, understand, and embrace your love, apology, and anger language. It will help you set clear standards and expectations in your friendships, family life, and love relationships. Not sure what yours are? Take the quiz here!

Ultimately, we should all aim to work towards our goals with a sense of urgency no matter where we currently are in life. It is also very likely that you encounter a lifelong mate while you are working on achieving your goals. The point is that the encounter should not slow down or stop your momentum. Life is short. Give it your all daily!

Refer to Letter of Advice for sustainable tips on how to have healthier relationships.

What are some additional tips you’d like to add to this list?

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