2020: A Year of Cancelled Plans

We can all agree that 2020 has been tumultuous so far. The coronavirus pandemic is impacting almost every area of our lives. The unemployment rate in the United States is at an all-time high. Black lives matter. We have a unique figure as Commander in Chief. Ultimately, we all need therapy.

This year is a year of cancelled plans. We have to shelter-in-place. Many of our favorite dine-in restaurants, museums, theaters, and other places of interest are either closed or have modified the way they accommodate guests. Sigh.

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Three Areas of Cancelled Plans


Many of us have cancelled our travel plans for this year. Personally, I planned to go to Paris, France with my family this year. I wanted to visit my classmates and friends. I wanted to dine inside of the Eiffel Tower. I wanted to tour the Musee du Louvre. Visit the Love Lock Bridge. Eat as many authentic pains au chocolat as I could. I settled for weekly Zoom meetings with my Parisian girls and liking French food on various Instagram pages.

Paris, France 01/2012


Communing with fellow believers at our chosen place of worship has been a weekly refuge in the past. Church gatherings have converted to be a virtual experience in these times. Many of us suffer from not being able to hug our church friends. We long to resume fellowship in the church lobby before going about our day. Enjoying Sunday dinner with extended family and friends has also been stalled. We are left to suppress these lamentations and focus on the need to mitigate large gatherings so we can stay healthy.

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Working remotely is now the norm across many corporations. Video calls are filled with staff members who are dressed up from the waist up. Pants are optional. Children have become unsolicited co-workers. The morale is built and maintained through instant messaging. Regular lunch dates are replaced with video calls from our phones. Daily walks around the building has been replaced with an extra five pounds in our waistlines.

Although many of our plans have been cancelled this year, let us be grateful anyway. Let us be grateful for life. Our health. Shelter. More time. Creativity. Love.

What were some plans you had for this year that you had to cancel?

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2 thoughts on “2020: A Year of Cancelled Plans”

  1. That is a great way to talk about 2020, it was also my Year of Cancelled Plans. I wanted to visit London, New York & make a road trip from Miami to Key West this year. I really hope it will all be possible again rather « soon » and I try to replace these plans with learning new skills such as speaking Russian and creative Writing.

    Let’s make this Year Of Cancelled Plans a Year of Acquired Knowledge. 🌸


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