Benefits of Taking a Gap Year in a Pandemic

Many recent high school graduates find themselves at a crossroad while deciding on their future academic journey. A gap year, also known as a sabbatical year, is one that is taken before or after college/university where students explore numerous developmental activities. Commonly, students travel nationally and/or internationally to heighten their intercultural knowledge. They learn several trades like art, sports, and music. They also develop novel skill sets.

Taking a gap year in a pandemic prohibits exercising many adventures freely but students who want to get the full college experience may still want to consider taking a break. One advantage is that it encourages students to get creative. A fear parents have of a gap year is that it may entice their children to forego higher education altogether.

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Seven Benefits of Taking a Gap Year in a Pandemic

It allows students to take time to reflect on themselves and possibly find their true calling. Having regular therapy sessions can assist in the discovery. Students also experience adulthood adeptly. This period highly reduces burn out as well.

Students can research their majors comprehensively and its potential to thrive in a recession. This will aid in understanding whether the chosen industry will lead to career stability.

The certainty of a college/university’s permanence is revealed during a pandemic. This allows students to thoroughly compare other options on schools, if applicable.

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Continuing social distancing until it is healthy to resume pre-epidemic activities keeps everyone safe. It can strengthen family bonds. That may help students learn more about their ancestry and heritage.

The asynchronous learning environment can be difficult for some students. Many colleges/universities have amended their curriculum to adapt to online learning. Still, the amount of rigor, dedication, and reading needed to do well can overwhelm some students.

Students are able to develop and acquire new hobbies and skills. Video blogs, reviews, and tutorials on Youtube are great resources. Podcasts are instructive as well.

Political changes during a pandemic can influence students’ decisions relating to academia. Waiting to see what major changes will take place in local, state and federal government can be extremely beneficial.

What are some additional benefits to taking a gap year during a pandemic?

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