Conversations with a Front Line Nurse

My dear friend makes a sacrificial decision to care for the ill each shift. Her grit, compassion, and passion for her vocation inspires me and others for sure. Not to mention, she beat breast cancer like a soldier. Kedly Desliens is a travel Intensive Care nurse currently contracted in San Jose, CA. I decided it would be enlightening for her to share her reality and fears about working as a front line nurse during this pandemic.

What do you Enjoy Most About Being a Nurse?

What I like most is just being able to be at my patient’s bedside. I couldn’t care less about the charting. I like to have one on one conversations with my patients and make them feel that I am attentive to them and help them along their road to getting better.

What was one Low-light in your Early Career?

Transitioning from the Emergency Room to the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) stressed me out and overwhelmed me. My gosh, I would go to the break room and basically just cry. Like, “I can’t do this. I can’t do this. This is too much.” I was hard on myself, feeling like I wanted to do more but I’m only one person. Then I managed to put myself together and go back to work.

What Inspired you to Become a Travel Nurse?

I have always had a desire to see different parts of the world. I see travel nursing as a way to experience the world on top of my regular travels. The weird thing about it is that California is the first state I started doing travel nursing in but I have not left. It’s been so good here. There are many laws and unions that protect nurses. It creates an environment where nurses can thrive and the competitive pay here is a bonus.

How do you Spiritually Deal with Caring for Patients who Have Tested Positive for COVID-19?

What helps me is to give myself pep talks. I may say something like, “You’ve got this. God is with. He’s got you. You are okay. You need to finish what you’ve got to do.” I also encourage myself by listening to worship songs. Two in particular, “Do It Again,” by Elevation Worship and “So Will I” by Cross Worship featuring Osby Berry have been on repeat. They’ve become my anthems during this time.

Do you and your Co-Workers Receive Adequate Support from your Local Government?

I am very pleased with how the California government has handled this pandemic for the most part. Support? I guess, overall, I’m happy with the support we receive.

What is one Misconception that the Public has on COVID-19?

I have not been really watching the news because I do not want it to consume my thoughts to where it strikes up fear, defeat, and feeling unmotivated to do the work that I do. Early on though, one misconception that the public had was the idea that having COVID-19 equals to a death sentence. It does not. I have seen plenty of people who have recovered and left the ICU.

You are a Warrior. You Combat Breast Cancer. How has that Experience Affected your Role as a Nurse?

It has made me a better nurse. I have a different level of empathy. A level of empathy that I don’t think any nurse could have unless they go through a similar situation. It has thus enabled me to interact with my patients differently. I am more patient as well. More understanding. More loving.

Kedly in her armor.

Do you have any friends and/or family members who are front line workers? If so, be sure to show gratitude.

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2 thoughts on “Conversations with a Front Line Nurse”

  1. Thank you Kedley for your dedication and hard work during this Crisis. Your positive mindset is really important to your patients and i’m sure they greatly appreciate you. Stay Strong in California


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