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Traits of an Alpha Male/Female

There are a few myths behind defining people with alpha personalities. One serious myth about having an alpha personality is that the person has to be outlandish. People with alpha personalities typically are congenial and down to earth. After all, they do not have to try to be alphas. They are simply made that way.

Being an alpha male or an alpha female should not be a person’s life goal. We should all aim to be the best version of ourselves regardless of what pop culture deems an ideal man or woman should resemble. Keep in mind that similar to zodiac signs, it is improbable that a person exhibits every characteristic trait of any personality type, or the like. It is a spectrum, not a concrete thing.

One of the most popular exhibitions of alpha personalities is in the lion and the lioness in the animal kingdom. Lions protect their pride while lioness hunt for food and are primary caregivers for their young. It is common knowledge that these wild cats dominate the animal kingdom so they naturally carry a powerful energy with leadership qualities. They are respected and even feared given their strong presence and skills.

Traits of an Alpha Male/Female

Both human alpha sexes share many of the same characteristics such as being emotionally intelligent and natural-born leaders. Alphas do not try to be alphas. They simply are. They are assertive. Ambitious. They cultivate harmony. They are extremely confident. Strong. Witty. Level-headed. Problem-solvers. They are sought after. They are obsessed with learning. Family-oriented. They take charge of their physical appearance. They don’t fear saying “no.” They are aware of their own strengths and weaknesses. They seldom gossip intentionally. They design their lives. They are charismatic. Passionate. They live life on purpose. They are social butterflies. They posses general and specialized knowledge, among many other unique traits.

What are some additional alpha characteristic traits you’d like to add, if any?

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