Date Ideas From A to Z

Date nights are refreshing and necessary! I love going on double dates as well! We always have a great time together with lots of intense laughs. One recent double date was to Wild Animal Safari in Pine Mountain, GA. We found it on Groupon. It is a drive-thru safari with over 75 animal species on 500 acres.

Hello, there!

At the Welcome Center, we purchased cups of dry, grain-based, generic animal food then daringly drove through the park. Most of the animals like the zebras, watusis, and bisons approached our vehicle assertively declaring their longing to be fed. We also got on the guided tour bus which gave the experience a special effect since the giraffes were not bashful. They poked their heads inside the old school bus anticipating food and affection.

More, please!

We also explored the Walk About Area which is more of a zoo-like setting for the animals that can’t roam freely. There, we listened to a wolf howl, watched a bear cub hibernate, and witnessed a young giraffe have his lunch from a baby bottle. There were various species of exotic birds, monkeys, and alpacas. We had an amazing time!


Here Are Some Frugal Date Options From A to Z

A – Aquarium

B – Bible study

C – Cook a meal together

D – Drive-in movie

E – Estate sale

F – Fish at a lake

G – Game night

H – Hike

I – Invent your own mixed drinks

J – Jigsaw puzzle

K – Kayak

L – Live music

M – Massage

N – National park

O – Opera

P – Plane-spotting

Q – Quilt

R – Roller skate

S – Stargaze

T – Tandem bike ride

U – U-Pick farm

V – Volunteer

W – Wine tasting

X – Xbox

Y – Yoga

Z – Zoo

What are some of your favorite date ideas?

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