Minimalism in Silicon Valley

The Bay Area in California became our home post my husband receiving an employment offer from a reputable company. What a career-defining opportunity! In preparation for the move, I did some intensive research and browsed Pinterest to learn more about what I should expect from living in the most expensive area in the nation. I absolutely love northern California so far. I managed to find ways to apply minimalistic approaches to living in an affluent city.

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7 Ways to Save Money in a High Cost of Living Area

Use Coupons

RetailMeNot, Groupon and old fashioned manufacturer’s coupons are a must when looking to save money. Be open to different brand names, styles and quality when using coupons.


As with everything else, gas and the cost of vehicle repair and maintenance tend to be higher in certain cities. Mitigate those expenses by carpooling, using public transportation, Zipcar, and other creative methods to get around.

Reuse Grocery Bags

Many grocers offer grocery bags for a fee, although small, it will help you save money to purchase and use a reusable bag.

Cook More Often

Eating out often can burn a hole through your pocket. Budget and cook more often to save on food-related expenses.

Learn to Groom Yourself

Going to the barber, hair salon, and spa can be burdensome expenditures in an expensive city. Aim to learn to do those tasks yourself or lessen the frequency of going to a professional. Beauty schools offer great deals on hair services.

Shop Online

Local merchants upcharge on products and services to keep up with overhead costs, their competition, among other things. Shopping online gives more options on product selection and costs.

Create a Budget

Plan ahead on spending so that there are fewer surprises when cash is low.

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What are some additional tips you can provide to minimalistic living in an expensive area?

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