Highlights of My Academic Journey

I completed my undergraduate studies online at Ashford University. I thank God for guiding me through that rewarding journey. I majored in English and also majored in Political Science and Government. The most memorable aspect of my asynchronous learning experience was being able to make the world my classroom. During those four years, I completed some of my school work in England, France, The Bahamas, Mexico, Haiti, Cuba, and several states in the U.S. I believed that I could have a fruitful balance of achieving my academic and personal goals, and it came to pass.

Being able to travel during my academic tenure gave me liberty. It also gave me hands-on experience for some of the courses I took. While studying Environmental Policies, my husband and I ironically visited the Hoover Dam. I was thrilled to be able to apply my scholarly knowledge of the Hoover Dam to a physical experience. The most fascinating trait of the Hoover Dam is its hydroelectric power production. It was constructed for flood control and improvement in the navigation and regulation of the Colorado River. It provides multi-purpose water usage. What a civil engineering wonder!

Hoover Dam, 2017

I recently received a master’s degree in business administration (MBA) from my alma mater. My commencement ceremony was nothing short of motivational! In my opinion, the hardest aspect of obtaining an MBA is the rigorous math courses. Financial Accounting gave me severe anxiety. I sought a tutor in addition to my math whiz of a husband to assist me in getting through those courses. I strive to be a diligent student so I was able to complete my graduate studies with honors. Other than the beautiful commencement ceremony that left me feeling accomplished, my husband and I enjoyed the attractions that only San Diego, California could offer.

MBA, 2019

San Diego Zoo

We spent a day at the San Diego Zoo. It has one of the most authentic animal encounters one can experience at a zoo. I love how the exhibits are decorated to display the animals in their natural habitats versus cages like most of the other zoos. The animals are also in close proximity to the tourists which gives an even more breathtaking experience. The orangutans were lively as they played with each other. The complimentary bus tour gave us a special outlook of the zoo as certain areas were closed off for that channel alone.

San Diego Zoo

San Diego Zoo Safari Park

We spent another day exploring the San Diego Zoo Safari Park which gave us an incredible feeling of being at an African and Asian safari. I enjoyed the Cheetah Run show where a female cheetah chased a bait at close to 70 mph in about 5.5 seconds. It was a magical thing to witness. The California weather was predictably tropical and the atmosphere was calm. We completed that day with dinner on Mission Beach/Bayfront Park and watched the sunset.

In order to be a successful online student, one must develop their time management skills and meet deadlines. An online education requires a ton of reading as well. As a multi-sensory learner, I was able to thrive while attending college online. I studied and completed my school work after work and also on the weekends. Doing so allotted time for leisure. With discipline, self-motivation, and sagacity, anyone can achieve any academic, personal, spiritual or professional goal!

Tell me about your academic journey. Did you pursue a college education or learn a trade? If so, how was your experience? What are your thoughts on higher education and its parallelism to success?

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