The Art of Feng Shui and Minimalism

Feng shui, a minimalistic decorating technique, is a Chinese geomancy. Essentially, it exercises architecture as it relates to harmonious ties between humanity, the earth, and the firmament. Feng shui is also known as qi, pronounced chi. Implementing Feng shui in any space involves being intentional of item placement, their symbolism, and associated color patterns. Feng means wind and Shui means water.

One of the key areas to implement Feng shui is in the bathroom. It is believed that the restroom door should be closed at all times and the toilet seat lid should be closed. This surrounds the belief that water departs the property via the toilet and since water is related to wealth in the Chinese tradition, one would not want their wealth to be flushed away.

Feng shui can also be used in an office. Chair placement is fundamental in that the chair is to be placed so that a person does not have their back to the door. The desk should be positioned away from the door and not in line with it.

Color patterns

Color symbolism varies across cultures. The same color may have very different connotations among individuals and cultures. For instance, blue, the color of the sea and the sky often symbolize inspiration, serenity, and stability.

Red is often correlated with love, passion, and lust. It is also symbolic of danger or warning such as in its use in fire engines and stop signs. In China, the color red is often used to equate to good luck or happiness and is used in various holidays as well as weddings.

Nature, fertility, and healing are correlated with the color green. Plants are key elements in feng shui as they are associated with life energy. Live plants are celebrated but artificial ones can be a stepping stone for those that lack a green thumb.


Yellow is often associated with joy or sunshine. Adding yellow highlights to a room brings a jubilant vibe to it. Cultivating feng shui in any space will likely brighten the area and give it a sense of tranquility and openness.

Do you apply feng shui techniques in decorating your home or office? If so, what colors do you enjoy exploring with the most?

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