Howdy, Houston!

My husband and I ventured out to Houston, Texas for a few days to explore the Lone Star state. We booked our trip only two days in advance because we considered a few other destinations as well. I analyzed CheapTickets to compare prices among airlines and saw that Spirit Airlines had the most competitive pricing for that destination. I then went directly to Spirit’s website to book our flight which saved us from paying the third party service and handling fees.

When traveling for a weekend getaway in the warm season, I do my best to save on baggage fees by putting all of my items in my personal bag. I typically wear sundresses, jeans and blouses which do not take up much room and I rotate between two or three pair of sandals.

Arriving in Houston, we picked up our rental car and drove to the downtown area to pass time before checking in to our hotel. My husband booked our 4-star Omni hotel at around $70/night via I delighted in feeding the Koi fish that swam around the lobby in the indoor lake that extended from the outdoor lake. The architecture was alluring.

We visited the Houston Museum of Natural Science and purchased two City Pass booklets for up to nine excursions each. It was a great deal because the attractions would have been much more pricey a la carte. We visited the Houston Zoo before exploring the Museum of Natural Science since it made sense logistically to end our day there given that we had already parked there at the full day’s rate. The Houston Zoo was stupefying. We especially enjoyed seeing the primates, lions, and a baby red panda.

Returning to the Houston Museum of Natural Science, we learned about various species of dinosaurs and prehistoric humans. The artifacts were well-preserved and intriguing. Throughout our trip, our other activities included visiting Lakewood Church. We went on a guided city tour on a double-decker bus. We toured the Houston Nasa Space Center which was interactive and enlightening. We visited the Houston Aquarium where we enjoyed a spooky train ride to visit the great white sharks.

We also self-navigated on foot downtown. We attempted to explore what is known as the Downtown Tunnel. It is an underground passageways of banks, boutiques, and other shops in the business district. We were not able to explore it though as they are only in operation on the weekdays. I admire that Houston is a large, family-friendly,  and innovative city. It has a ton of manicured parks on top of that.


Have you ever been to Houston or any other city in Texas? If so, what was the highlight of your vacation?

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