How to Handle Receiving Unsolicited Advice

Friends and family may think they have your best interest at heart when they share their opinions but at times, they may not and can give dogmatic, unsolicited advice. It is wise to make decisions based on your own research, values, and belief system than to simply follow someone else’s advice. After all, you are the one that has to live with the decision that is made.

I purchased my first home, a newly-built, modern, and open floor plan condo in a historic area of Atlanta over four years ago. During the buying process, my cousin was intrusive and attempted to convince me to forego purchasing my property because she deemed the area unsafe, among other things. Her belief was so strong (and wrong, of course) that she made it her mission to inform the entire family about my venture.

My realtor and I agreed that the area was fitting for what I was seeking and full of potential. The area was also going through rapid gentrification and the purchase would be a lucrative one.  I did not have any major issues while living there. I had great experiences and created great friendships, actually. The proximity to downtown and popular attractions gave my living there even more intrinsic value.

A few years later, after I met and married my husband, we purchased and lived in another property and rented out our individual properties. My tenant was referred by a friend and was a phenomenal fit. A year later, my tenant relocated on great terms.

While sitting at the closing table for the sale of my condo this morning, I felt grateful for my discernment and standing by my decision to purchase my property. The transaction was smooth, short, and cost-effective, especially since it was a cash purchase! Had I allowed the subjective, unsolicited advice to sway my decision, I would not have been able to have liquid availability that is close to my annual income. I praise God for this abundant blessing!


One key manner to combat receiving unsolicited advice is to simply inform the person that it is their prerogative to have an opinion but you are well equipped to make your own decisions and live with the consequences and potential for things to go right or wrong. Advice should be welcomed, not forced.

What advice have you received from family or friends that you discerned was unfitting? How was standing firm with your decision beneficial or rewarding?

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