Decluttering Your Space, Declutters Your Soul

Decluttering Your Space, Declutters Your Soul – Love

The adage, ‘”Less is more” is a declaration that the minimalistic approach is effective. There are numerous manners to exercise minimalism and other techniques of living through the principles of harmony and energy flow. I find when my environment is free of jumble, I am able to think more clearly and operate adeptly. It is important that things are organized and tidy in my home, car, and my workspace.

10 Ways to Declutter Your Space to Declutter Your Soul

  1. Purge of things you don’t need or use by selling, discarding, or donating them
  2. Donate clothes to a thrift store, local church, friends, and family on a regular basis
  3. Save money by claiming your charitable donations on your taxes
  4. Do an inventory of items in your kitchen and discard the expired items
  5. Use food items that are near expiration promptly
  6. Grocery shop on a weekly basis, if possible, so food is always fresh
  7. Maintain a clean and sanitary home through routine deep cleanings or hire a maid
  8. Hand wash or take your vehicle(s) to the car wash for detailing as needed
  9. Aim to be centered spiritually through daily exercises of prayer, meditation, etc
  10. Be intentional about maintaining healthy habits by putting them on your calendar with ongoing reminders

What are some techniques you exercise to declutter your space?

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