The Law of Attraction and Money

She knew the power of her mind so she programmed it for success! -Carrie Green

I first learned about the law of attraction when I read The Secret by Rhonda Byrne over a decade ago. The book reveals manners to attract what one desires. The law of attraction highlights that things are experienced because they are summoned through persistent thoughts. Being able to master one’s thoughts and feelings is ultimately the key to creating one’s reality. Therein lies the power.

Love is the greatest frequency! -Rhonda Byrne

The Secret teaches how to attract the things one desires in every aspect of life such as in health, money, relationships, career, and overall happiness. The book contains anecdotes from inspirational leaders like Jack Canfield and Bob Proctor. They share their testimonies on how they were able to manifest their dreams by exercising the principles of the Secret. The Secret teaches that love is the greatest frequency that one can emit. The greater the love we feel and give, the greater the power we possess.

Whatever the mind can conceive, it can achieve! -Clement Stone

In terms of finances, when we focus on needing money we emit the frequency of continuing to need money. When we focus on abundance, we then attract abundance. We have to feel good and confident about money in order to attract more of it. Giving, with a cheerful heart, is one of the best ways to receive. When we give, it is as if we are saying we have plenty. Some of the wealthiest people in the world are the most generous people. Do not confuse giving with sacrifice. Sacrificing can come with resentment. Giving with a bountiful spirit should be the goal. 

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The Secret has been transformational in my life. I have always had strong faith but understanding the Secret put things in a more attainable and creative perspective. I have applied some exercises from the Secret to attract money such as visualizing checks in the mail, benevolence, and writing prophetic checks to myself. I have received several unexpected checks while practicing and believing in the law of attraction and money as well as other key areas in my life. I can attest that the law of attraction is fruitful! 

Are you in tune with the law of attraction and how it affects your life? What areas of your life would you like to have more control over? What areas of your life have you mastered control in?

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