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Multiple Intelligences

Intelligence is defined as the capacity for learning, reasoning, understanding, and like forms of mental activity. Howard Gardner’s theory on intelligence focuses on the multiple separate sources within the human brain to support learning. He believes that learning is rooted in biological sources and cultural sources. The significance of Gardner’s multiple intelligences is that it gives insight into the brain’s various learning modes.

Gardner’s multiple intelligences include Logical-Mathematical Intelligence, Linguistic Intelligence, Spatial Intelligence, Musical Intelligence, Bodily-Kinesthetic Intelligence, Interpersonal Intelligence, and Intrapersonal Intelligence.

Logical-Mathematical Intelligence, though mainly associated with scientific and mathematical thinking, focuses on the use of patterns, logical thinking, and deductive reasoning.

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Linguistic Intelligence consists of the ability to master language arts, express oneself orally or written, and using language to recall information.

Spatial Intelligence involves using images as a form of learning; it is not limited to visual learners as the vision impaired can possess this ability.

Musical Intelligence is the inclination of rhythm, tone, and pitch. It is necessary to have developed auditory senses for tone and pitch.

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Bodily-Kinesthetic Intelligence involves incorporating mental skills to bodily functions.

Interpersonal Intelligence is the gift of judging effectively and having a keen sense of other’s intentions.

Intrapersonal Intelligence encompasses the ability to be intuitive regarding one’s own sentiments and motivations.

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Two intelligences that apply most closely to me are Interpersonal Intelligence and Linguistic Intelligence. I am capable of effectively discerning the feeling of others and dissecting their intentions even when it’s novel and unfolds in complex ways over time. I study their body language, rely partly on personal experience, and ask questions that will help me think critically.

Linguistic Intelligence applies to me because I excel in language arts. I manipulate words well both orally and written. I speak several languages and I enjoy public speaking and debating. I find it paltry to express myself and persuade others with words.

Anything that is worth teaching can be presented in many different ways. These multiple ways can make use of our multiple intelligences.
-Howard Gardner

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