My Hawaiian Spiritual Retreat

What is a Spiritual Retreat?

A spiritual retreat is what one makes of it but it is designed to be an intentional time one spends connecting with God. A spiritual retreat can be executed near or far. Even in one’s home.

Why Go on a Spiritual Retreat?

God is omnipresent, right? Yes. God is. Going on a spiritual retreat is centered on escaping from the noise. The noise of our everyday routine. The noise of work, chores, media, etc. Isolation and meditation are restoring and therapeutic for the soul.

Tools for a Spiritual Retreat

Picnic blanket/towel
Writing tools
Healthy food and snacks
Plenty of water

Activities on a Spiritual Retreat

Embracing nature
Being still
Anticipating God’s voice
Mindful eating
Temporarily unplugging from technology
Touristic excursions


Some people may fast during a spiritual retreat. Fasting is a religious act that involves suppressing oneself from a thing. Most people fast from unhealthy foods. The Daniel Fast is a popular fast that many people engage in, especially to start off each new year. In the Bible, Daniel fasted by only eating organic fruits and vegetables and drinking water for 21 days. It is widely believed that a fast will clear one’s mind so that one can receive and hear God in an ethereal manner. Fasting is a natural experience that can ultimately bring supernatural results. Suppressing oneself from a thing also represents self-control, discipline, and willpower.

My exotic Hawaiian AirBnB


The Sunday School definition of prayer is simply “talking to God.” While no formal formula should be followed when it comes to your personal relationship with God, there are key elements that make prayer potent. It is good practice to acknowledge God for who He is when praying. In other words, show reverence or worship. Showing gratefulness for what He has done is also a good habit. Praise. The Bible tells us that we were created to worship God. That is our sole purpose as Believers.

Simple Prayers

Prayer for Healing:

Father, I thank You for Your healing hands. Your word says that You forgive all my sins and heal all my diseases. You redeem my life from the pit and crown me with love and compassion. I believe Your word is true. I trust You to have mercy on me. Amen.

Prayer for Healthy Relationships:

You, Lord, are a Friend, Comforter, and Counselor. You created all things. I thank You for surrounding me with healthy relationships. I pray that my friendships and associations will aid in my personal, professional, and spiritual development. Please remove any negative, toxic, or demonic beings from my circle. Especially if they are family members or people I consider my friends. I pray that they gracefully remove themselves from my life. I trust that You will guide my heart in selecting, maintaining, and nurturing fruitful relationships. Amen.

Prayer for Prosperity:

Heavenly Father, thank You for bountiful blessings. Your word says that if I first seek Your kingdom and all Your righteousness, that all the things I desire will be given to me. I do not need to worry about what I am going to eat, wear, or any financial lack. Like the birds that do not worry, and You take care of them, I should not worry about tomorrow. You are the source of everything I need. Amen.

Prayer for Rejuvenation:

God, just as Your mercies renew morning by morning, I desire that my heart, mind, and soul renew each day. I seek to be filled by Your grace, guidance, and love continuously. Teach me to be a blessing to all. May I be a glowing light full of love, virtue, compassion, optimism, and discernment. Thank You for being a model of one who is noble. Sovereign. Worthy of all my praise and worship. You are Jehovah Jireh: Provider. Jehovah Nissi: Victorious. Jehovah Shalom: Prince of Peace. Jehovah Rapha: Healer. Jehovah Rohi: Shephard. Amen.

Back to Reality

Post a spiritual retreat, one should feel spiritually cleansed. Detoxed. Returning to normal activities with a fresh outlook on life will aid in the journey. Allow everyone to see the rejuvenated you.

My Hawaiian Spiritual Retreat

I embarked on a five-day spiritual retreat to Hawaii. I secured a round-trip flight from Atlanta the day before for just $497! I lodged in an Airbnb which was an exotic Indonesian hut in Pahoa, Hawaii. Pahoa is on the southeastern coast of the Big Island in the Puna District. The hut is screened in so I embraced the soundtrack of nature. Most Hawaiian residences have outside showers and toilets. I enjoyed the lovely experience.

I started each day with prayer and meditation. I did yoga and light calisthenics on Kehena beach, a black sand beach in the vicinity. Clothing is optional there. The entrance to the beach is moderately steep so it was a treacherous feat due to the elevation. I went on a lava boat tour in Hilo, Hawaii where I witnessed the active lava flow from Kilauea Volcano’s eruption. I learned about the history of the volcano and its unpredictable behavior. I fellowshipped with the locals in Pahoa Village, Uncle Robert’s Awa Bar and Farmer’s Market, Kaleo’s Bar and Grill, Hilo Bay Cafe, and several other establishments.

I stayed in touch with my loved ones regularly so they would be updated on my venture. One highlight was an impromptu lunch date with Tifany, one of my church friends from Florida! It was a blessing from the magic of social media!

One instant gratification I received after my spiritual retreat was patience. I returned home with a renewed sense of patience and compassion. I recognize additional harvest from the experience daily so I aim to continue to take it all in! My Hawaiian spiritual retreat was an achieved aspiration!

DISCLAIMER: I hereby declare that I do not own the rights to this music. All rights belong to the owner. No copyright infringement intended.

Have you ever been on a spiritual retreat? If so, what did you do and where did you go? How did you feel afterward? Did your friends and family recognize any changes in your aura?

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9 thoughts on “My Hawaiian Spiritual Retreat”

  1. Thank you for sharing your wonderful Spiritual Retreat experience with us. I have not had the opportunity to enjoy this type of Retreat – sounds like I need to make it happen soon. Welcome back home and I’m glad you enjoyed yourself in Hawaii.


  2. Wow! Sounds like an amazing experience, to be one with yourself and with God. With this kind of spiritual retreat it seems like you gained more positive energy and insight so you could pour onto others. I enjoyed reading and watching your story.


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