My Lasik Procedure

My outlook on life has changed forever! Literally! I got Lasik to correct my nearsightedness! What a remarkable experience! I have been contemplating the procedure for some time. I decided to undergo the operation to be independent of contacts and eyeglasses.

Lasik eye surgery is the technology for improving the eyesight of qualified individuals for their lifetime. The bladeless technology is painless and rapid. I scheduled a consultation at LasikPlus late June. All of my questions and concerns were answered.

My biggest worries surrounded fear of blinking during the procedure and what would happen if the machine malfunctioned. I was informed that eye drops would numb my eyes and an apparatus would be used to prop my eyes open. If the machine malfunctioned, it would intuitively shut down to mitigate damage.

Photo by Alizee Marchand on

Dr. Eugene Smith and the wonderful staff at LasikPlus are thorough and customer-focused. Dr. Smith has performed over 100,000 Lasik operations! I received a referral discount due to my friend who received Lasik, in addition to a student discount which saved me over a thousand dollars overall on the procedure! Gotta love those savings! It was a huge factor in my deciding to move forward with the operation.

Post-op, it was required that I take a 4-hour nap to allow the healing to take place. Clear eye covers were provided to sleep in so that I don’t rub my eyes. Antibiotic eye drops, artificial tears eye drops, and fish oil/omega 3 vitamins were given to use post-op as well. My eyesight improved immediately after the procedure. I now have 20/15 vision, which has greater acuity than 20/20 vision! Who would have thought one can have better vision than 20/20 vision?

Here’s a clip of my Lasik operation:

Have you gotten or ever considered getting Lasik? If so, tell me about your experience!

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