How to Treasure Hunt

Thrifting has become a norm among millennials, baby boomers, and everyone in between. “Finding treasure” is colloquially used to describe finding great articles in thrift stores. As a minimalist and fashion-lover, I find thrifting fun and adventurous. I often leave the store thrilled and inspired.

I explored Park Avenue Thrift Store recently. They are known to have specific sales for each day of the week. I happened to be at the Woodstock, Georgia location on a Wednesday where each item in the entire store was $0.50 each! I purchased over a dozen nearly-new dress shirts for my husband, retro jeans and dress pants for me, and I even secured a 50s hat for me and a vintage pair of casual shoes for my husband.

That is not the best part. On Thursdays, a large selection of items at that location cost a quarter each! Not all of their locations have that deal but they all have some kind of a sale each day/week. Park Avenue Thrift Store primarily has stores in the metropolitan Atlanta area in addition to one location in Southaven, MS but you should check to see if the concept exists in your city.

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I always inspect clothing carefully when I thrift to ensure that the product is new or gently used. I wash everything before use as well. Other than Park Avenue Thrift, Goodwill is a popular choice for thrifting in addition to Value Village, antique stores, and consignment stores. Consignment stores’ prices are a bit steep as compared to other thrift stores because the merchant is sharing profit with the owner of the item being purchased. It can be challenging to bargain in consignment stores given that notion.

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Share your thrifting experiences! What stores do you favor? Do you rather go thrifting alone or with friends?

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2 thoughts on “How to Treasure Hunt”

  1. I can’t wait to experience this with you— I’ve only ever thrift shopped at Goodwill and one store in Tallahassee, Fl with my cousins. It truly is a fun experience when you find a good “steal”.

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