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How I Met My Husband

My girlfriend Fonda and I were having brunch in Atlanta, GA late December 2015 when she suggested we do something exciting before the new year. I suggested we go skydiving but it was obviously too cold for such an excursion.

I told her that I have always wanted to take a ballroom, salsa, or African dance class. She liked the idea and advised that I research a dance company so we can be intentional about meeting our goal. I found a Groupon for five salsa dance classes at Clahvay Cuban Dance Studio and we fulfilled our plan the following week.

I met my husband, Juston, in salsa class. He stood out as the class clown. I admired how humble and congenial he was. After each salsa class, the group and I would go to a Mexican restaurant to eat and fellowship.

I missed a salsa class after a few weeks of attending. At the end of that next class, Juston told me that one of our classmates, Cheryl asked “Where is your girlfriend?” referring to my previous absence. He said he responded, “I wish.” It was then that things got interesting. We exchanged contact information after the following class, began to date, then fell in love.

Juston proposed to me in Kissimmee, Florida in front of his family and our friends. It was the same weekend as his maternal grandmother’s 70th birthday getaway. He hired a salsa instructor to teach us all how to salsa.

Unbeknownst to me, the salsa instructor was hired specifically as part of his proposal. After about an hour and a half of dancing salsa, the dance floor cleared. He and I continued to dance. He gave me a twirl, pulled out a beautiful princess cut diamond engagement ring, and asked for my hand in marriage. I said yes, of course. His creativity blew me away. We wed in early 2018.

Our wedding day

How did you meet your significant other? What is the most special aspect of your encounter?

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  1. You two can conquer the world through Love, Honor & Respect ♥️ All things are possibly through Christ.

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