How to Travel on a Budget

Traveling in the new epoch is no longer considered a luxury.  There are many ways to travel for cheap or even free. I have been fortunate enough to travel domestically and to various parts of the world.

Traveling is a necessity. It broadens our horizon while exposing the mind, body, and spirit to novel adventures. Visiting different countries educates like no other because it gives an incomparable first-hand experience on how other people live.

San Diego, California 05/2017

Eight Ways to Save on Travel:

  1. Look for deals on multiple airlines and compare.
  2. Travel during the week if possible – Tuesdays yield great deals.
  3. Groupon provides all-inclusive deals to fantastic destinations. A couple of stipulations include being flexible with the travel dates and departure location.
  4. Befriend airline employees with travel benefits as they have buddy passes that can be used if you are flexible with stand-by flights.
  5. Seize timeshare ownership opportunities – Remember that a timeshare is a purchase, not an investment.
  6. Book trips 6-8 weeks in advance, if possible.
  7. Road trips enable a scenic experience! Pack lots of snacks and bond with your loved ones!
  8. Opt to stay in an Airbnb or Hostel au lieu of a hotel – Choose a location close to the airport or main attractions to ensure safety.
Inside of a classic car in Havana, Cuba – 01/2017

How do you save on travel? Do you have any traveling traditions? I would love to hear about your habits and experiences!

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